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For about 3 minutes at a time, music by Chasing Ivy transports you to your first love, a messy breakup, a good time, or why you drink to forget. It’s a soft place to land and the pain that reminds you that you’re alive. It’s music that's here for whatever trip you’re taking. 

Chasing Ivy is Lindsay Boreing, a Texas-raised girl with roots from, as she jokes, “the deep south”... she’s half Texan and half Australian. Because of her “Texstralian” upbringing and years spent touring with her sisters as the country music girl-group The Long Girlz, Lindsay brings an eclectic set of influences to her songwriting with unparalleled live performances. Country, pop, rock, and blues are all present in every song. Her music is a blend of relatable and genuine which makes her songs both timeless and modern. She doesn’t just write party songs or breakup songs. She writes truthful songs that let you know life and love are better when you’re vulnerable.


Besides Lindsay, two ever-present forces behind Chasing Ivy are unofficial band mates William Boreing (STOCKLYN) and Dustin Garrett (Will Banister Band). On-stage, behind the scenes, and in the studio, the three have found the perfect mix to make Chasing Ivy the next big thing in Country Music.

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